twin line welding hose yokohama

Electric control for welding optical fibers

I. Yokohama et al., Fiber-Coupler Fabrication with Automatic Fusion-By using feedback through a line from a resistor 251 in the welding


Mimura, Michio (Yokohama, JA) Ono, Yoshiyuki (Yokohama, JA) line toward and away from the path which receives the weld so that said

: K.Hamashima, K.Sato. (Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Yokohama,

Overlay of boride cermet by welding - K.Hamashima, K.Sato. (Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan.) Acta Mater., Vol 51, No 1, 2003, 665-669

CiNii Articles - Mesh model mapping

plastic FEM for Line Heating with Remeshing developed to simulate the multi-pass welding and satellite image for Tsurumi ward, Yokohama

Output control of short circuit welding power source

welding current; and a fifth stage of maintaining Maruyama, Tokuji (Yokohama, JP) Sato, reference is also made to lines 43-63, column

Welding material for low temperature steels

A welding material for low temperature steels composed of a core wire or coated core wire, the wire containing 0.05 to 0.5% carbon, 0.15 to 0.75

Method of vertical welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys

welding Al or an Al alloy while oscillating in Tomita, Makoto (Yokohama, JA) Ohkubo, Nobuwelding line is within the range of not greater

Rotary welding member made of resin

A rotary welding member made of synthetic resin material comprising a post portion, and a disk-shaped flange portion integrally mounted on one end of the

In-pipe work apparatus

Ozaki, Yasunori (Yokohama, JP) Nishimura, welding/cutting device comprising the in-pipe line through flexible tubes 15 and 16, in front

Method of multiple gas shielded arc welding

In a method of multiple electrode gas shielded arc welding wherein a plurality of electrodes are arranged along the welding seam line of a piece of

The MFL technique for surface flaws of the weld zone with

The MFL technique for surface flaws of the weld zone with residual magnetization methodYokohama [Japan

High efficiency arc welding process and apparatus

welded, the welding electrode is oscillated, and Tomita, Makoto (Yokohama, JA) Yokota, H oscillation pattern along the welding line

Swedish Retirement Migrants To Spain and Migrant Workers:

Meeting Information When: July 13 - 19, 2014 Where: Yokohama, Japan to describe the macroscopic grain structure found along the weld centreline

Method of laser-welding metal sheets having different

Kamogawa, Hideki (Toyota, JP) Hirose, Toshikatsu (Yokohama, JP) weaving the laser beam from side to side with respect to the weld line

Application of Fracture Mechanics to a Delayed Cracking in a

In these specimens, the tip of the notch was located on a fusion line Journal of the Japan Welding Society 48(2), 128-133, 1979-02-05 [

Method and device for automatically controlling welding

2011319-A method and device for automatically controlling welding conditions for use in an arc welding machine, wherein an ignition or turn-on phase

Laser welding method

Inventors: Komatsu, Gakushi (Yokohama, JP) 6445979 Operation line tracking device using position of the workpiece to conduct welding

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection by Magnetic Stirring Welding

Nickel-base Alloy Overlay Weld with Improved Ultrasonic Flaw Detection by Masayuki WatandoShin-NakaharaIsogo-kuyokohamaTakahiro ArakawaMinoru Maeda

system for determining weld quality in resistance welding

welding in such a manner that acceptance or un Kawaguchi, Yoshio (Yokohama, JP) Nishimura, (solid lines) and the diameter of bead formed

characterization of heat affected zone after welding in

201511-affected zone after welding in Mod.9Cr–1Mo line.•Undissolved M23C6 and MX particles were•Twins with a twin plane of (112) were

Method for longitudinally seam-welding pipe-blank for welded

welded steel pipe from the inside along a groove Watanabe, Itaru (Yokohama, JP) Suzuki, line of magnetic force produced by the direct

Method of welding titanium alloy parts with titanium insert

A method of welding opposite end surfaces of two titanium alloy parts kept in alignment by a high energy-density welding process such as electron beam

Laser welding system and laser welding control method

(Yokohama-shi, JP) Primary Class: 219/121.63 welding point by turning said reflection mirror soline, so that a substantial time saving effect

Method of making articles by laser beam welding

Method of making articles by laser beam weldingAbstract of EP0511746 An Matsuno, Kenji Yokohama Park Town H705EPEP0511746A2 * Apr 3, 1992 Nov

Arc spot welding apparatus

operate said welding torch in a standing posture. Sakai, Masao (Yokohama, JP) Nagasaka, Mori as is indicated by a phanthom line in FIG

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.Welding Engineer - Smyrna, TN, US

Welding Adapter Welding Connector of YOKOHAMAStandard and Configurable Industrial Components from MISUMI.Mechanical components, Press Die, Plastic Mold

Method and apparatus for assembling vehicle body

welding robots of numerical control type and Yazaki, Kazuhiko (Yokohama, JP) Ono, Hiroyukilines to an assembly device which includes a

equipped with erosion shield with electron beam welding

welding; assembling the constituent elements (1-3 Minatomirai 3-chome,Nishi-ku, Yokohama,, in cross section, taken on line A - A of