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Method for curing photo-curable composition

A photo-curable composition with high covering meter made by Toyo PhisicoChemica Industry Co. concrete examples of the present invention, a


TRT Terms: Cohesion; Concrete curing; Emulsified asphalt; Hveem stabilometer; Mix design; Percent saturation; Stability (Mechanics); Test procedures; Vacuum


0 F Curing temperature, 0 F Levels Low (-1meter value Tensile strain and cohesiometer value (2 I I o 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80

Chloride Permeability Test for Quality Assurance and Accepta

the users of this meter were very pleased with Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the 0.35 w/c ratio, 60% coarse, 40% fine


2007322-concrete composition; and c) pumping the concreteexpand under the influence of heat during curing. it is often desirable to meter or a

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compounds and processes for forming and curing polymer

22. The curable polymer composition according to 60. The curable polymer composition according totype rotorless curemeter, at an arc of 1.0°

Condition Evaluation of Concrete Bridges Relative to

concrete mixture; • Improper concrete placement, fmishing, or curing K_fo_.cover:depth using covermeters (magnetic :flux:deViCes) . •

Benzylated polyamine curing agents

A curing agent composition including at least one benzylated polyamine compound. The benzylated polyamine compound is a reaction product of a benzaldehyde


2009420-cure blanket for concrete 1998-07-14 Handwerker Provisional Patent Application 60/688,146 filed same material is 6.5 watts per meter p

Bridge Deck Fogging System: Evaluation of Field

concrete materials, admixtures and type of curing.meter, as shown in Figure 10, was used to 60-65% inside the windbreak compared to the

Method for curing a flexible hose

2012519-A method for making curved hose using a curved mandrel by applying a melted material to an inside surface of an uncured hose and solidifying

Concrete Curing Meter:Simple and Reliable Monitoring of Water

Concrete Curing Meter:Simple and Reliable Monitoring of Water Loss from a Wet Surface of Fresh ConcreteI VBN registreres publikationer, forskningsprojekter

Agent for preventing and curing hindrance of ischemic

An agent for preventing and curing the hindrance of ischemic reperfusiton is disclosed which has as an active component thereof a chromanol glycoside


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Dissipative curing and coating composition for concrete

A curing composition for concrete that is an effective water barrier and that is relatively easily removed contains an acrylic or a styrene polymer latex


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Curing agent for aqueous epoxy resin dispersions, process for

A curing agent for aqueous epoxy resin emulsions is described, which curing agent contains 10-80% by weight of at least one emulsifier, 1-80% by

Concrete curing blankets that promote even concrete curing

A concrete curing blanket includes a layer of absorbent material and a layer of impervious material bonded to the absorbent material layer in face-to-face

Curing resin composition and its cured product

This invention discloses a curing resin composition comprising (a) an organic resin containing no less than 2 alkenyl groups per molecule, and having a


Representative concrete cylinders fabricated and cured with the product are Using the Concrete Maturity Meter for QA/QC, Pennsylvania Department of


2012520-Provided is a catalyst composition suitable for curing a fluoroelastomer, the catalyst composition comprising an anion of Formula III: pc


2015416-000 ft3 ~60 x ~60 x ~15 high (w/o 0.25 sheets requiring steam curing ? chloro(orifice, pitot tubes, venturi, rotameters) –

A Low-Energy Replacement for Portland Cement Concrete to

a lightweight concrete (i.e., the best of Meter to Determine the Modulus of Elasticity of cured Portland cement concrete (which is exactly

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